Lake Ainja is less than 50 m from the house. At the lakeside there is a gazebo (just by the water line), equipment for barbecues, a pier and a boat. You can swim here in summer and skate in the wintertime. You might like to fish or take a romantic boating trip on the lake, where there is a superb array of water lilies in the summertime. If you want to fish, the lake contains pike, perch and roach. There are also more lakes in the vicinity, which we can show you as well. In these lakes you can also find species such as bream, eel and even crayfish. We do have a boat, but we suggest that you bring your own fishing equipment with you.


There is excellent hunting woods in our area. You may hunt moose, deer, bore and other animals. You don't need to worry about anything as there will be professional hunting experts organizing your hunt. In order to hunt here you'll need:

  • 1.Rifle
  • 2.Hunter's permit
  • 3.Weapon permit.


Energetic massage works on the simple principle that your energy follows your thoughts. By focusing the powerful energy of your thoughts inside your body, you can literally give your body a massage from the inside out! Through a combination of concepts from the fields of energy medicine, sound healing and personal development, you will be taken on an energising journey that can restore ad revitalise your body and mind.

We also offer traditional, chinese, thai and honey massage.
Suusatamine ja uisutamine

Skiing and skating.

Southern-Estonian landscape full of hills and valleys is perfect for skiing during winter season. Also nearby is located the most famous Estonian skiing resort Otepää.

Nearby attractions and siteseeing

Southern Estonia is full of unique attractions for every taste. Barclay de Tolly mausoleum, Taagepera castle, Karksi medieval townplace, Piusa caves etc. Check our where to go map for more details.
Seenele ja marjule

Mushrooms and wild berries

You may satisfy your gourmet curiosity with wild berries- blue berries, black berries, wild strawberries and wild mushrooms as well. They grow just about everywhere.. even around the house you will be hosted in.
ATV rent

Few rounds with ATV?

ATV is available for hourly rent.


There is variety of hiking trails available. Some of them are quite unique swamp trails unavailable in most european countries.


Käbi Puhkemaja

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